May 26, 2018

Iran says will not stay in N-deal if United States walks away

04 May 2018, 10:48 | Marta Robbins

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And while worldwide organizations such as the global Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) certainly need time to study the files that Netanyahu is referring to, he hasn't actually done much to undermine the deal's credibility.

Perhaps more importantly, the collapse of the deal would be seen by the Iranian people as a huge betrayal.

"Here we have a jigsaw puzzle with 30 to 40 percent of the pieces", said Albright referring to what was already known about Iran's nuclear weapon's program. Secondly, even after the deal, it continued to expand its nuclear program for future use. But Netanyahu's damning message (Iran lied, spelled out in giant letters) could provide the thin reed for a President in search of a premise for discarding the pact. "We expect a clear denunciation of Iran's threats and actions by Russian Federation", he added.

In mid-May, super-war hawks Donald J. Trump (worried about the Mueller investigation), John Bolton, Trump's new unconfirmed national security advisor, and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are likely to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord. Without the Iran nuclear deal, Iran would never accept such rigid observations on its nuclear sites. He also condemned Iran for violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Those issues could raise questions about their motivations should they decide to take Israel to war.

A decision by Trump to end USA sanctions relief would all but sink the agreement and could trigger a backlash by Iran, which could resume its nuclear arms programme or "punish" U.S. allies in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, diplomats said.

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The documents obtained by Israel clearly show that Iran was lying. This would further force Mr. Trump to draw out from the nuclear agreement as reported by Mr. Vaez.

"It's just like what they tried to do with Hitler, and in the end they paid a dear price". From 2013 to 2017 they increased surveillance activities by 152 percent and inspectors spend 3, 000 days in the field each year. The impression in Tehran is that, instead of concentrating on Riyadh's attacks on civilians, world leaders have focused their attention on the number of Yemeni missiles, which they claim to have originated from Iran. They are flaunting their efforts to build up a nuclear arsenal, and more chilling, they are telling the world who their target will be - Israel.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu is right in his accusations and he's right to be concerned.

Former and current intelligence officials who have closely monitored Iran's programmes said nothing that Netanyahu made public indicated that Iran now had an active plan to manufacture a nuclear weapon. But French President Emmanuel Macron says Trump is not afraid of risking a second showdown: "His experience with North Korea is that when you are very tough, you make the other side move and you can try to go to a good deal or a better deal", Macron said on April 25, after a White House visit.

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