May 26, 2018

What Sean Hannity has said about Michael Cohen

18 April 2018, 12:21 | Clyde Nash

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Judge Kimba Wood, a federal judge in Lower Manhattan, N.Y., ordered Cohen's attorneys to name the third person whom Cohen had listed as a client - besides President Trump and a former GOP finance chairman. I did have occasional, brief conversations with Michael Cohen, this great attorney, about legal questions I had.

Later, CNN media analyst Brian Stelter said Hannity should have disclosed to his viewers that he had a relationship with Cohen, someone he was covering on his Fox News show. Cohen's counsel brought up Hannity's name following an Federal Bureau of Investigation raid of Cohen's office and home for documents including those relating to payments to adult film star Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who both claim they had affairs with Trump.

Dershowitz said "you had the right, by the way, not to have your identity be revealed", and Hannity agreed: "I have the right to privacy".

Kimmel also criticized Hannity's response to the news, in which he said Cohen has "never represented" him.

Until now, Hannity had not disclosed that he had a relationship with Cohen during his radio show or television program.

"Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter".

Monday's bombshell news about Sean Hannity-see "Fox News' Hannity shares an embattled lawyer with the president he defends on TV"-gets pitch-perfect tabloid treatment on the front page of this morning's Daily News".

He said he has no personal interest in the Cohen matter.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush 'in failing health'
Bush spent two days at Methodist Hospital earlier this month but decided not to return there when her health began to deteriorate. Bush in the 1992 presidential election, tweeted that she was "k$3 eeping Barbara Bush and her family in my heart and prayers".

But that didn't stop Kimmel from reveling in the news Monday of Hannity's relationship with Cohen.

It's not the first time Hannity and Trump have shared a lawyer, either. "I assumed those conversations were attorney-client confidential, but to be absolutely clear they never involved any matter between me and a third party".

To those who would scream "fake news", imagine if a world in which President Hillary Clinton was under criminal investigation and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was found to be a client of Clinton's attorney.

Hannity was trying to host one of those segments on Monday night when guest Alan Dershowitz brought up the Cohen predicament.

Sean Hannity shares a world view with President Donald Trump and on Monday it was revealed, with some reluctance, that he shares a lawyer, too.

Cohen said he paid Daniels $130,000 of his own money through a private LLC in exchange for her silence about the alleged sexual encounter, but Daniels argued the hush agreement was void because Trump never signed it himself.

Hannity opened his remarks by noting the media hyperfocus on that news. He never once mentioned that he even knew Cohen, much less that Cohen would describe him as a client in a legal proceeding. Was Fox News aware of the secret that Hannity and his lawyer desperately wanted to keep under wraps?

Hannity addressed the news on his AM radio show, claiming that while he never retained Cohen in the "traditional" sense, they still had attorney-client privilege.

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