June 23, 2018

Facebook's Snooze button silences your annoying friends for 30 days

16 December 2017, 05:52 | Lionel James

Facebook intoduces 'snooze' button to mute friends

News Feed FYI: Introducing Snooze to Give You More Control Of Your News Feed | Facebook Newsroom

You might not have access to the Snooze function immediately; Facebook is rolling it out this week.

Snooze allows you to put a delay on the notifications you receive from friends, pages, or groups.

Everyone has a Facebook friend they find annoying, whether because they post bad dad jokes, spout political nonsense, or simply have dissimilar views and interests.

The new "Snooze' feature differs from the existing option to Unfollow because it allows you to see your friends posts again after 30 days, without manual interaction".

To snooze someone, look at one of their posts.

Users can mute people, pages or groups.

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The people, pages, and groups you snooze won't be notified.

In addition to the new feature, Facebook as a website has also made regular changes to its news feed so that less "clickbait" appears and more posts from close friends make appearances.

"The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works". Well, the social media giant is offering an easy way to keep them out of sight and out of mind.

But Facebook stated that it had become a socially conscious social network in recent years. Facebook claims social media is fine, but many people aren't using it right.

"Though the causes aren't clear, researchers hypothesize that reading about others online might lead to negative social comparison - and perhaps even more so than offline, since people's posts are often more curated and flattering", they said. This feature is launching today on Facebook (I'm already seeing the Snooze option myself), so go find some annoying posts to silence.

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