June 21, 2018

Net Neutrality Abolition Formally Proposed by FCC in the US

23 November 2017, 12:27 | Lionel James

New York attorney general slams the FCC for 'refusal to assist' in net neutrality investigation

An Open Letter to the FCC: – Eric Schneiderman – Medium

Under the net neutrality rules, internet services providers (ISPs) are prohibited from discriminating against certain websites and services. "Our position is clear: the end of net neutrality would only benefit Internet Service Providers". Ajit Pai, who was nominated to head the FCC by Trump in January, has said undoing the "net neutrality" regulations passed by his predecessor was one of his top priorities.

"The removal removes that uncertainty or that dark cloud over how the government regulating internet might affect us, and might affect our customers in terms of additional costs", Carroll said.

As the FCC moves ahead with its plan to dismantle net neutrality protections, pro-net neutrality groups say they're planning protests at Verizon stores around the country on December 7th.

The proposal also adds the fact that consumer protections aren't necessary needed because Federal Trade Commission will now have the authority oversight of ISPs.

New York State's attorney general has accused the Federal Communications Commission of refusing to assist in his efforts to investigate an attack on the agency's public comment system that used the identities of New Yorkers. Federal law requires the FCC and all federal agencies to take public comments on proposed rules into account - so it is important that the public comment process actually enable the voices of the millions of individuals and businesses who will be affected to be heard. By removing these rules, the commission has paved the way for ISPs to do whatever they like. It would also allow FCC to return to policing the ISPs, protecting consumers, and promoting competition.

Following the circulation of Pai's draft order, his fellow Commissioners released separate statements regarding the matter.

The outcry over net neutrality overshadowed another major FCC proposal on Tuesday. The FCC is scheduled to vote on the plan on December 14. "It throttles access, stalls opportunity, and censors content". The company also promised that it will continue its strong support for net neutrality and open internet.

An Open Letter to the FCC: – Eric Schneiderman – Medium
FCC boss Ajit Pai emits his net neutrality extermination plan

Pai announced plans to review existing rules that prevent broadcast companies from owning TV stations that reach more than 39% of all TV households in the United States.

With our national representatives, we can advocate for net neutrality rules that will allow our local businesses, nonprofits, and every day citizens to participate equally with our urban peers.

The five-member commission, composed of two Democrats and three Republicans, is expected to scrap the net neutrality provisions next month. "But smaller startups, small companies, non-profits, libraries, governments, they can't afford this".

This month, the FCC also voted to begin scaling back a federal program meant to help low-income US households get access to the internet.

Pai says the Obama-era FCC had "finally met the enemy, and the enemy was giving something that consumers wanted for free". "It ignores the law and the courts, which have repeatedly upheld the 2015 Title II rules".

In brief, removal of Net Neutrality only favour big business and many are deeply concerned (including ourselves at eTeknix) that we might be sleepwalking into it.

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