April 23, 2018

Defence responds to cyber attack incident

13 October 2017, 12:53 | Franklin Nunez

Hacker group codenamed 'Alf' after famous Home and Away character steals sensitive information about Australia's multi-billion dollar fighter jet program

F-35 and naval vessels information stolen in cyber hack

"The contractor could well have been working for a prime (major contractor) which is why we have been saying relentlessly, for certainly since I have been the Minister and since Dan Tehan has been the minister for cyber security, that businesses need to take this very seriously".

Australian authorities criticised the defence contractor for "sloppy admin" and it turns out nearly anybody could have penetrated the company's network.

The network reportedly had no protective DMZ, no regular patch schedule, and common local admin passwords on all servers and the hosts had internet-facing services. The hacker was code named "Apt Alf" after a popular Australian TV character. The three-month period when they were unaware of the breach was dubbed "Alf's Mystery Happy Fun Time".

The F-35 Lightning, the Joint Strike Fighter.

The company, which had only one IT person, was subcontracted four levels down from defence contracts.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre's 2017 threat report has released information about this attack which took place in November 2016, when it was first identified that a breach had taken place.

The data that was stolen in the hack contained information that is protected under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and included details on the F-35 Lightning II fighter, P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, C-130 transport aircraft, Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) smart bomb kit and information on some Australian naval vessels.

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Another document was a wireframe diagram of one of the Australian navy's new ships, where a viewer could "zoom in down to the captain's chair".

Stephen Burke, founder and CEO at Cyber Risk Aware, commenting on the news, said: "Yet again another example of "IT Admin" not carrying out IT Security best practices but more importantly other large firms not carrying out adequate third-party risk assessments".

'There's no way this one IT person could have done everything perfectly across the whole domain, ' said Mr Clarke.

A Royal Australian Air Force C130-J Hercules pilot.

"While the Australian company is a national security-linked contractor and the information disclosed was commercially sensitive, it was unclassified", a spokesperson for the ACSC told The Australian.

Mr Pyne said Australia has experienced an increase in cyberattacks at a time when it is carrying out a $39bn (€25.7bn) submarine project. The government agency is responsible for foreign signals intelligence collection, and also houses the country's Australian Cyber Security Center.

Comment has been sought from Mr Tehan and the Defence department.

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