April 23, 2018

Nintendo SNES Classic sells out; Wii Shop ending in January 2019

01 October 2017, 12:44 | Yvette Williams

The $80 Super NES Classic Edition is a flashback to Nintendo’s early-90s glory days but it lacks many modern features

The $80 Super NES Classic Edition is a flashback to Nintendo’s early-90s glory days but it lacks many modern features

The device goes on sale for $80 on Friday, September 29 and Nintendo says they should be easier to get than last year's NES Classic.

But Nintendo shipped us a unit to review.

The SNES Classic controllers that come with the system are pretty short at just 4.5 feet. Another noticeable design difference is that the Classic doesn't have a cartridge slot because, well, you don't need cartridges to play these days.

Earlier this year, there were concerns that Nintendo has learned nothing from the launch of the NES Classic, which was a highly sought-after console with not anywhere close to enough units available for consumers.

To be a success, though, all Nintendo really had to do was deliver these classic games on my modern TV without messing it up. As a bonus, the game package also includes a never-released sequel to "Star Fox", one of the first three-dimensional games developed by Nintendo.

The SNES Classic Mini will feature 21 games. More of a perk of the online service rather than the definitive way to play classic Nintendo games on the Switch.

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The European version looks like the EU SNES released in the 90s, while the United States and Japanese versions also ape their regional variants. Gamestop was getting limited numbers of the system, so there's no guarantee you can nab one, but if you've got a store near you it might be worth checking. So far, Nintendo seems to have done a better job of meeting the demand for the SNES Classic (although we'll see how that holds up over time). While it's not possible to add or remove games from the system, with such a well-rounded variety of games, you shouldn't have to.

Hobbyists across the Internet have step-by-step instructions on how to build your own version of these mini-consoles, though it should be noted that these are not at all legal. Even as Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime told fans not to buy from scalpers, who were already putting up consoles for upwards of $200 on eBay, it was hard not to be skeptical that the company could deliver.

"I got my first system back in about 1995, I would assume".

While the user states that they won't share the ROM (this would be a violation of the subreddit's rules), it has indeed made its way onto the web for curious Nintendo fans to find. This is a good concept, well-executed.

Unfortunately, because it was extremely popular, gamers who didn't manage to pre-order one prior to release were unlikely to get one for the original price.

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