March 21, 2018

Terry Pratchett's unfinished novels run over by a steamroller

31 August 2017, 01:49 | Clyde Nash

The late great Terry Pratchett whose unfinished work suffered an unusual fate per his wishes Credit John Lawrence

The late great Terry Pratchett whose unfinished work suffered an unusual fate per his wishes
John Lawrence

He made a specific request, as relayed by his friend and fellow author Neil Gaiman, that anything he was working on at the time of his death should be "put in the middle of the road. and [for] a steamroller to steamroll over them all".

In the years before his death, he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Over his lifetime, Pratchett wrote more than 70 fantasy novels that are famous all across the world.

Pratchett, who died in March 2015 at the age of 66, had requested the unique method of destroying his work.

The destruction of Pratchett's hard drive wasn't the result of some freaky accident.

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Before vanquishing the hard drive, Rob Wilkins, the writer's long-serving assistant, tweeted that he was "about to fulfil my obligation to Terry". The hard drive went up against a steamroller named "Lord Jericho" and, predictably, lost.

Mr Wilkins even made a joke about the event, imagining how millions of Pratchett's fans would react to his work being destroyed.

Months after Pratchett's death, Wilkins told the BBC that the novelist "wanted me to have a device connected to his heartbeat so when his heart stopped it would wipe the contents of his hard drive".

"Terry was always well into the next novel while the current one was being edited".

Richard Henry, an official at The Salisbury Museum, where the remains of the hard drive will be displayed along with other artifacts of Pratchett's life and work, noted with Pratchett's characteristic mordant humor that Lord Jericho proved "modern technology is no match for the might of the Industrial Revolution".

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