December 18, 2017

This Week at NASA: The Epic Solar Eclipse and More

30 August 2017, 02:04 | Francis Delgado

Mother of all photobombs? Twitter erupts as space station sneaks into snap of the eclipse

NASA just recorded the International Space Station flying in front of the solar eclipse

■ If you are holding out for the next total solar eclipse visible in Batavia, we wish you good luck and good health.

The total eclipse could be seen coast to coast across 14 States from Oregon to SC, with the spectacle lasting two minutes and 40 seconds at places like Madras, Oregon (in the picture).

Only those within the path of totality experienced the total eclipse, while the entire North American continent and parts of South America, Africa and Europe were able to see a partial eclipse. There are a number of reasons. It's also where the media and hard-core crazies gravitate because they want to be at some "center" - no matter how thin the reasoning. There may be rooms available, but your average $89 room will be pegged at $450 a night or more.

It was tricky to do but I was able to take several photos of the eclipse with my iPhone. "If I would have known that it completely changes, I would have [gone off campus]". Urfer said that although the weather forecast predicted 70 to 80 percent cloud coverage, he was excited to see breaks in the clouds and glimpses of the eclipse. But skywatchers won't have to wait that long for the next one, which is set to take place on April 8, 2024.

So let's fast-forward to Hopkinsville, which has been overfilling with people for three days.

Eclipse-viewing glasses that provided a safe way to look at the sun during the eclipse were in short supply nationwide.

The governmental space agency, NASA alerted the people throughout the spheroid not to watch out the eclipse without possessing protective eye wears.

Although Monday's eclipse was peaking over two minutes in the path of totality, the 2024 eclipse will have peaks of 4½ minutes. We just take them as they come.

Earth is the third rock from the sun and has a moon that orbits around it. Totality is expected to come through southern Ontario and Quebec. A cheer went up from the crowd. They stared, safely, at the brilliant sun's corona flaring from behind the moon, at the planets and stars briefly visible in the darkened sky, at their unnaturally-lit surroundings.

Many people failed to plan ahead and so were unable to obtain the special safety glasses, which look very much like the cardboard 3D glasses worn for movies like "Avatar" and "jurassic Park III". Where I stood it was pretty dark, but it was a weird dark.

"It was fantastic. It made me cry..." There was no light coming from the sun, but light was streaming in from the horizon - sort of like a twilight but from all directions instead of from a sunrise or sunset. The corona is actually 300 times hotter than the sun's surface, according to you can imagine that!

"I didn't know there was such a big difference between 90 percent and full totality", Silverwood said.

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Surely, scientists will be examining an array of data and experiments that were conducted during the eclipse.

Students, faculty and other members of the community gathered at 11:45 a.m. Monday outside the South Engineering building to watch the solar eclipse.

The eclipse will be a less impressive version of Monday's event, with portions of lower right-hand corner of the sun being shadowed for about 150 minutes, peaking at around 1:12 p.m. People whooped and applauded as if the trick really worked for the magician on stage.

Folks in Lincoln City, Oregon were the first to witness the total eclipse.

Children were still crying so I stopped singing and put my clothes back on.

Don't get rid of those eclipse glasses and homemade viewers just yet - 2024 is less than seven years from now.

However, the end of the eclipse triggered an instant mass exodus and it proved to be a prime example of how not to evacuate a town.

Northern Illinois University physics professor Michel van Veenendaal (left) and physics graduate student Bisham Poudel use a shadow box to observe the partial solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21. I joined a group of friends that drove up that morning from Laramie. I believe that distance was covered in less than six hours.

Keys said the answer to that question encompasses a variety of projects. My older son was tracing outlines of the eclipse's reflection right before this image was taken which you see on the black paper in the photograph.

If you weren't able to see one of the most anticipated and unifying events this country has witnessed in almost a hundred years, don't worry.

"Amazing", "incredible" and "intense" were a few words used to describe the experience.

Don't worry if you missed the eclipse on Monday; the next total solar eclipse visible in IL will be April 8, 2024. You may just have to travel a little ways to see one in your lifetime.

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