March 23, 2018

China accuses India of building up troops at border stand-off

07 August 2017, 01:12 | Marta Robbins

China warns India of 'serious consequences' over border

Sushma Swaraj

The stand-off emerged after Chinese troops were stopped by the Indian Army from constructing roads along the Doklam border. China has already issued some strongly worded statements, including warning India not to test Beijing. India sent its troops to the region in a bid to halt China's construction of the road, and there has been a military standoff between the PLA and the Indian Army ever since.

The editorial added, "India is concerned that the road China was building in Doklam might threaten the security of the Siliguri Corridor", however, it questioned that "how does that justify Indian troops' incursion into another country in utter disregard of worldwide treaties?"

India denied accusations of building up its military at the border. Siliguri Corridor is also vital for India's military formations in the northeast and so, the corridor, if isolated, would lead to supplies and reinforcements to the military being cut off.

Asked about the latest Chinese threat of military action in two weeks, Karat said that while China might not move into a military conflict as soon as that, it would certainly take measures in other spheres such as economic trade, against India. But what has evaded nearly everyone's attention is Bhutan. Indian border troops are no rival to [Chinese] field forces. China is adamant about its stance on Doklam-make no mistake about it.

China has repeatedly called on India to withdraw its forces.

He stressed that India should not underestimate the resolve of the Chinese government and people to defend China's territorial sovereignty, saying that by releasing the document, China aims to uphold the principles of global law and basic norms governing worldwide relations.

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The Indian troops' trespassing occurred at a place on the China-India boundary in the Sikkim Sector, more than 2,000 meters away from Mount Ji Mu Ma Zhen. Backing down this early would only embolden the other to encroach on its territory or sphere of influence. "This is untenable from India's point of view", he said.

He referred to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's statement in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday that India would continue to engage with the Chinese side through diplomatic channels "to find a mutually acceptable solution on the basis of the Astana Consensus between our leaders".

Baglay, however, reaffirmed India's position on the issue which is that peace and tranquility should prevail along the border for bilateral relations to develop. Bhutan has protested to China, saying the area belonged to it and accused Beijing of violating agreements that aim to maintain the status quo until the boundary dispute is resolved.

"Under such circumstances, instead of deeply reflecting on its mistakes, the Indian side fabricated such sheer fallacies as the so-called "security concerns", the "issue of tri-junction" and "at the request of Bhutan" as excuses to justify its wrongdoing", it said.

Bhutan, since issuing a demarche to Beijing, has kept mum. "China really wants to resolve this ahead of the BRICS summit". In fact, it has been said that the prevailing sentiment in Bhutan is quite the opposite.

Doklam is a disputed region between China and Bhutan.

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