March 23, 2018

Is Trump's Republican Support Starting to Crumble?

05 August 2017, 12:36 | Marta Robbins

Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) spoke freely about his disapproval of the president's misleading statement's on Donald Trump Jr.'s Russian meetings in June of previous year. Having said that, I think, you know, it's incumbent on the party that's in charge to look for ways that we can work together. Flake said he and Goldwater both wrote their books in response to a feeling that their party had "lost its way". "Never has a party so quickly or so easily abandoned its principles as my party did during the 2016 campaign", Flake writes. The simple reality is that Trump represents a total break from the way the Republican party has positioned itself vis a vis Russian Federation for more than three decades.

The fact that Flake chose to launch this sort of frontal assault on the president and his followers, inviting a certain primary challenge, illustrates the intra-party tensions just under the surface in many parts of the country.

During this time he's been critiquing the president, Flake has written Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle, a book he says he wrote in secret.

The White House has been racked by infighting and staff turnover in recent weeks.

The title alludes to the 1960 book of the same name by former Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., generations ago.

"I think we ought to acknowledge that we can come back to health care afterward, but we need to move ahead on tax reform", Hatch said. It was time to reassess, he says.

Caixin China Manufacturing PMI Reaches Five-Month High in July
The data was in contrast to the official PMI on Monday, which came in at 51.4, below the expected 51.6. The Caixin PMI rose to stand at 51.1 for the month of July, compared to the 50.4 figure seen in June .

Some of that may be wishful thinking by Stutzman, who has always been a vocal member of the "Never Trump" wing of the Republican Party. He said he employed defense mechanisms, such as saying to himself: "If I took the time to respond to every presidential tweet, there would be little time for anything else". I got here in Washington in 2001. "I think we've reached about the limits of what we can do just with our small majority", he admitted. And then we got the prescription drug benefit, which added about $7 trillion in unfunded liabilities. The former executive of the conservative think tank The Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, he easily eclipsed McCain by both measures of a lawmaker's conservative credentials past year, ranking 16th in the Senate by Heritage's ranking - compared to McCain's 36th place - and 9th according to the Club for Growth.

When we couldn't argue that we were the party of limited government anymore, then that forced us into issues like flag burning or trying to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case, things that we wouldn't have done otherwise if we would have been arguing about true principles of limited government or spending. "But given some of the statements that have been made, I'm finding it hard". At that point, your quarrel is not with Trump, but with the mainstream conservative policy that predates his ascendancy.

"Being a conservative means something in terms of demeanor and comportment".

I was outraged and fought back, starting with a blog post: I became a poster child for the ACLU on this issue (which affected hundreds of other totally innocent people besides myself), and a regular interviewee on NPR, blasting the unconstitutional and ineffective No Fly List.

He says that conservatives need "to be honest with people" about the causes of economic dislocation. Automation and robots have caused most of the job losses, not China or Mexico. But what is not recognized is that it's largely been productivity gains and automation. "We are at our best in the Senate when we work across the aisle". Globalization has happened and the question is: "Do we harness it for our benefit or are we left behind by it?"

In an excerpt from his upcoming book published on Monday by Politico, Arizona Sen. You don't have to abandon the general principle of free trade to recognize that the system we have now has left millions of Americans stranded economically without much hope, and that something has to change.

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