March 22, 2018

Google Denies Claims Of A Homepage Revamp

23 July 2017, 01:13 | Yvette Williams

Google search app on mobile overhauled

Google news feed

Google is launching a new "smart feed" to give mobile users the tailored news they want - before they've even asked for it.

The extraordinary popularity of mobile devices among Google's services prompted the company to launch its Pixel phone a year ago.

Google says the feed has improved due to machine learning, and apparently it will can now anticipate "better" what a user will find interesting, important. The word on the e-streets is that Google Launches A New Personalized News Feed, which aims to better your experience and the sort of news you come across on a daily basis. Look out for a new "Follow" button next to certain types of search results-including movies, sports teams, your favorite bands or music artists, famous people, and more.

While the feed isn't a shift in business model for the web giant, it does signal a turning point in how the largest web giants are continuing to compete for users' attention. This all seems similar to what Google has done before with Google Now, but now it is the Google Feed, I guess.

The news was announced by Google on Wednesday that it was organizing and customizing its feed to add on the search page. Instead of basing curation exclusively on explicit choices, Google feed is creating curation based on the user's implicit preferences and prior behavior. During this week, the company is planning to deliver the new feed experience to its users.

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Google Now is gone, but your information feed lives on as a revamped, humbly no-name feed, whose mission is you and only you. While the feed may initially batch up news preferences, it makes up for it by allowing people to explore and follow interests, such as sports, technology, or business.

To provide information from diverse perspectives, news stories may have multiple viewpoints from a variety of sources, as well as other related information and articles. In comparison to Google's extremely solitary feed, Facebook and Twitter could feel more lively.

We're also making it easier to dive deeper into any of the topics you see in your feed.

It is now available in the U.S. and will be rolled out in other countries soon.

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