April 22, 2018

Nintendo Switch Online app has a major problem with voice chat

20 July 2017, 01:01 | Francis Delgado

Our recent review of Splatoon 2 wasn't able to test Nintendo's unorthodox new voice-chat app for the Nintendo Switch, which requires a separate smartphone to let you talk to your teammates during a match. However, as previously announced by the Japanese gaming firm, Switch Online services will only be free until the end of 2017.

The Switch Online service is also comparatively cheaper than its competitors at $20 a year, versus the $59.99 a year subscription cost of Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network, respectively. However, once the app launches, games with online gameplay will collect annual subscription.

We're definitely interested in seeing how this solution works when Splatoon 2 launches, but based on some of Nintendo's own documentation for the (currently free) app and service, we're not so sure what to think. However; it is not possible to use voice chat on two or more smart devices at the same time if they use the same Nintendo Account. In the meantime, though, the Switch Online app will be useable in games like ARMS, MarioKart 8 Deluxe, and Splatoon 2, which releases on Friday.

You can invite friends to play with you in supported games via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It's also going to make it easier to buy optional clothing items for your in-game characters. "If you played a lot of the original, the sequel has enough to keep you coming back, and if you're new to the game, it's a fantastic place to jump in".

Once it does, users will be able to log into the app with their Nintendo Account that is associated with their Switch console.

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You can enjoy voice chat in different ways depending on the type of game you're playing.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

The Nintendo Switch Online app won't actually work on all Switch games.

Stay fresh - because Splatoon 2 launches worldwide on July 21st.

The Splatoon 2 sub-pages, known as SplatNet 2, offer little to complain about. The fee seems reasonable as it shall also give users unlimited access to the anticipated collection of classic Nintendo games.

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