April 22, 2018

Google Glass starts second life as an enterprise product

19 July 2017, 08:22 | Francis Delgado

Image Alphabet

Image Alphabet

Big name companies like Boeing, DHL, AGCO, Volkswagen and more are now using the new Glass Enterprise edition to streamline workflows and access records much faster. Well, it's back but, this time, its focus is on enterprise environments.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition can be customized for the workers.

The lightweight, clip-on headset (now with increased power and battery life), has also made its way into the healthcare field.

Now, the Google Glass team has returned to X, and the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is available to more enterprises through the company's network of expert partners.

Glass will be sold via a range of specialised software companies, which are bundling it with their respective services. On the hardware side, the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass is lighter and is more comfortable for long term usage.

Called Glass Enterprise Edition, the new headset looks pretty much the same as the original incarnation, albeit a bit sturdier and more industrial-looking.

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The newly designed Glass includes a hinge that allows Glass to be used like actual glasses, a design flaw that was very prominent on the Explorer models. The company maintained that it was stopping it due to privacy concerns.

Glass project lead Jay Kothari said that Glass has already led to efficiency improvements at GE for example by up to 12pc through the delivery of video instructions to mechanics wearing the smart eyewear.

Google's renewed commitment to Glass comes at a time when smartglasses are once again en vogue - at least in the tech industry.

"We first saw signs of Glass' potential for businesses in the Glass Explorer days".

By pivoting away from the consumer market, Glass may just have found a way to rewrite its legacy. Henceforth, the company is opening the program for more businesses to take part. "Now we are in full-on production with our customers and with our partners", said Kothari. Confirming that the wearable specs have a place in the business world, X, the division of Google parent Alphabet that produces "moonshot technologies", has introduced the Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

This time, if Google can take the project seriously and run with it, Google Glass may manage to gain some traction in this market despite the competition.

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