March 23, 2018

Ben Affleck says kissing another man made him a 'serious actor'

19 July 2017, 08:20 | Clyde Nash

Ben Affleck Felt Like a “Serious Actor” After Gay Kiss

Ben Affleck considered himself a 'serious actor' after gay kiss, according to Kevin Smith

The fracas began during a Q&A following a 20th-anniversary screening of "Chasing Amy" when director Kevin Smith recalled a scene that required Affleck to kiss co-star Jason Lee, reports Gay Star News.

Smith apologized a few days after he revealed at an LGBT film festival that Affleck said shortly after filming the scene that kissing another man is an actor's "greatest" challenge, and that doing so solidified him as a "serious" actor.

Smith's revelation of the 20-year-old anecdote was picked up by various outlets including Paper magazine, who reported Ben's comments as though he had made them in an interview this year, and Westworld actress Evan is among those criticising the actor for the remarks.

"I'm sure he just thought it was a amusing", she said, "but even jokes like that are damaging".

Wood, who is now seen in Westworld, came out in 2011 and has been vocal about her sexual orientation since then.

"An earlier tweet promoting a post about statements Ben Affleck made in 1997 was deleted because the language of the tweet was misleading", their follow-up tweet read.

Sharing a link to Paper magazine's story, Evan tweeted: "Try getting raped in a scene".

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"It was my fault".

"Of course, Affleck doesn't feel that way today and who knows if he even felt that way then?" "It wasn't something he went out to the world and talked about".

A Twitter user also pointed out an important detail for Wood. "I'm not the guy that likes to rattle sabers or upset". "I don't want to see her thinking bad shit about Ben Affleck", he said.

"I feel f****** bad".

"She's mad at something I said and I didn't even say that", he continued, before reiterating that he's a big fan of her work.

Smith issued individual apologies to both Affleck and Wood during the video.

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